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Jason and LaKisha Williams are bakers with a big heart and a bigger vision. These life-long entrepreneurs have found life’s sweet spot while successfully starting multiple businesses, non-profit organizations and the famous bakery, Baker Blvd. Now they are helping others do the same through fitness retreats, baking classes, and coaching budding business owners on how to successfully grow a company. Jason and LaKisha have learned that the sweet spot comes when you are able to find the balance between healthy eating, fitness and sweet treats in moderation (because, really, don’t we all deserve that now and then?)
The pair married in 2002 after graduating from Kent State University. They are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Kennedy and Kingston.

Our one-of-a-kind creamy red velvet cake brought everyone who ate it so much happiness, we knew we could build a business around it– so we did. It was a decision that came at a time when no one needed happiness more than us. Trying to cope with death of my father, following my dream to turn a hobby into a thriving business, was a way for me to honor my dad’s legacy. I think he would be proud to know that Prince William and Princess Kate have even enjoyed the cupcakes.
Now, solely an online bakery, we have partnered with Decadent Designs Bakery in NC to help produce our baked goodies.

In 2014, The LeBron James Family Foundation selected Baker Blvd. to make a signature cupcake to benefit the Wheels for Education Program and its efforts to improve graduation rates for the children of Akron while training for the Akron Marathon. Since that partnership began, we have created two signature flavors designed to help support the program through sales of those specific flavors. The first features classic vanilla cake and is topped with a unique cherry cola frosting that delivers a refreshing cupcake experience for kids and adults alike! The cupcake is decorated with a striped straw. The second flavor is the LJFF Home Court Chocolate Chunk cupcake. The moist chocolate cupcake has a chocolate chip cookie baked inside, chocolate buttercream frosting and is topped with chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle.

Our customers are like family to us, so all of the good things we have learned from others, we are giving to you.

It may sound strange that I am a baker and a certified personal trainer. What can I say? I love desserts! Fortunately, I have mastered the skill of eating healthy during the week and treating myself on the weekend without taking steps backwards. You can do it too, once you have taken the hard steps of relearning how to eat and what your body needs for elite performance. We want to help you power through life with well-balanced nutritional habits. That is why we have partnered with Whole Foods Market Inc. Charlotte NC and Chef Mara Norris. As much as we would all like to consume nothing but the sweetness life has to offer, we must also give our lives and bodies what they need to function at optimal levels. We’ll be sharing Chef Mara’s healthy recipes soon in a new book! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you can be the first to know when it’s ready to order! (please link to subscription box)

My husband and I are passionate about our personal and family health and fitness. We have to be in order to keep up with our kids and business ventures. We know we aren’t the only busy ones out there who can benefit from a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle. We chose to become ACSM Certified Personal Trainers, which enables us to use research-based techniques to help people of all fitness levels reach their personal goals.

Keeping It Sweet! The Baker’s Guide to Health and Fitness is a series of short e-books based on the ACSM’s gold standard and lays out how my husband and I ate and exercised over a period of 12 months. You will find fitness plans which incorporate the three phases of your new fitness regime; the first 30 days, then 30-60 days and, finally, the 6 month plan. Each e-book comes complete with an exciting meal plan, a range of tantalizing recipe ideas and great workouts to get your muscles going. The books even include modifications if you need them. This is the complete exercise experience for any age and ability. Go ahead and download the e-book today!

We’ve also started sharing the information in our 2-day Wellness retreats. The first one in Ohio was packed with fitness, baking and inspirational workshops. Imagine, learning about exciting fitness workouts like hot yoga, water aerobics and strength training, then learning a few of our bakery’s signature recipes. It’s a sweet spot to be!

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