Our Values Series: The Healthy Side of Balance, Part One

My husband Jason and I are authors, fitness coaches, and Co-Founders of Baker Blvd. we have found the “Sweet Spot” between the two extremes of healthy and indulgent and actively share our secrets to all those who are eager to learn the beautiful art of balance.

In this series, I want to share with you how to keep that beautiful thing we call balance in check. Balance is what drives much our my life and business, and here at Baker Blvd, we communicate that powerfully.
Balance: The Key to Joy and Health
Live with balance, enjoy treats, keep a healthy mindset, exert positive energy--these are all things we do at Baker Blvd. Although Baker Blvd is an expert in creating delicious, exemplary baked treats, we believe in the positive force of balance, reaching that true “Sweet Spot,” in our lives. In order to do this, one needs to not only look at his or her favorite baked goods to sweeten up their days and celebrations, but also the healthy aspects of life to make it all worthwhile.
In “Our Values Series: The Healthy Side of Balance,” parts one and two, I want to share with you how to reach balance from the standpoint of health first, then sweetness. I want to take a look at two different things:

Let’s dive into fitness in “Our Values Series: The Healthy Side of Balance, Part One,” and, then, food in part two.

If it’s Not Fun, Your Efforts Will Be Short-Lived
When you go to exert yourself physically, make sure to get accountability that will actually keep you in check. “Incentivize yourself,” is what I tell my clients. To do this, I highly recommend meeting up with other families for play dates. Bring all of your kids to the playground to play and run around. Make this a time for the adults to walk around the playground to get their heart rates up, while still keeping an eye on the children. This simple activity of walking can burn up to 240 calories in one hour. Walking also helps the brain process its thoughts more coherently, making conversation that takes place better, more enjoyable, and even, productive. As for the kids, take a listen to Eliza Martinez from Live Strong in “Caloric Expenditure During Activities for Kids.” She references four different types of activities, both inside and outside the home, that kids can do to burn calories without even trying to be healthy. Making things fun keeps your family’s minds happy and positive, not negative and annoyed that they have to “work out.”
Allot Your Time Accordingly
When incorporating physical activity into your life, it’s important to not only plan time into your schedule to exercise, but also plan time for learning and planning.
Take learning first.
In order to learn about fitness plans, tips, and tricks, my family adheres to the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine. Take a gander through their website to answer all your qualms and wonderings about exercise.
Then, look at planning.
Ask yourself, “What physical activity do I want to do? What exercise do I think I need to do?” Then, find the balance between the two and start slow. Slow and steady always wins the race, with respect to fitness. Next, ask yourself, “When is my family free this week? When are my friends’ families free this week?” Let this guide you to scheduling out your fitness and physical activities. If you don’t have time, here’s the key: Make time. Your true priorities will always win out, and fitness needs to be one of them.
Another part of planning in keeping a healthy balance is planning time to relax and be at peace, as well. Don’t forget to give yourself and your family a break, too!
Come back next month for part two of “Our Values Series: The Healthy Side of Balance!”

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